How do I recertify my Letter of Competence (LoCs)?

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If you are applying for your recertification on time. 
This is not more than six months before your recertification date and no later than six weeks afterwards.
To apply successfully for recertification, you need to demonstrate:
  1. At least two credits of relevant CPD over the past five years from one of the following;
    • Attendance at courses/meetings relevant to IUT
    • Evidence: certificate of attendance, programme of meeting and brief reflection on how this will influence your future practice
    • Reading of appropriate current peer reviewed publications e.g. JFPRHC, BMJ
    • Evidence: reference of article, and brief reflection on how this will influence your future practice: 1 CPD credit per article
    • Reading of FSRH CEU guidelines on intrauterine methods and completion of self-assessment questions
    • Reading of CEU guidance: 1 CPD credit
    • Completion of self-assessment questions: 1 CPD credit. This CPD activity may not be counted towards CPD if used to fulfil section ‘Option 2 (b)’ on the below form.
    • Evidence of reading: date read and brief reflection on how this will influence your future practice.
    • Evidence of questions: mark sheet, date completed and brief reflection on how this will influence your future practice.
    • Peer observation: 1 CPD credit for observing a peer perform an insertion and giving feedback afterwards, 1 CPD credit for being observed performing an insertion by a peer and discussing feedback afterwards. The observer/person being observed must hold a current LoC IUT.
    • Evidence: date and name of observer/person being observed and brief outline of what you learned from this, either as an observer or from being observed)
    • Audit of IUT – personal or local
    • Evidence: date, summary of audit, brief description of your role in audit: 1 CPD credit
  2. Completion of the relevant e-SRH module or Faculty-approved distance learning; 
  3. Proof of basic life support and anaphylaxis training; 

  4. A log of SDI/IUT insertions;
    • For LoC IUT, this log should show 12 insertions, showing at least two different types of IUT method in conscious women. 
    • For LoC SDI Insertion and Removal (LoC SDI-IR), the log should show 6 procedures including at least one insertion and one removal.
    • For LoC SDI Insertion only (LoC SDI-IO), for individuals who work in an abortion or maternity services, the log will need to show a minimum of 6 insertions.

 You can also find a calendar of CPD courses, meetings and events on this website.

If you are more than six weeks late for your recertification date.

In addition to the criteria above, the below conditions must be met.

1. Gain the necessary CPD credits and the Basic Life Support and anaphylaxis training outlined above
2. Complete the relevant e-SRH module no more than 12 months before your recertification application date (as opposed to within 24 months of recertification date)
3. Provide a log (described above) covering a consecutive 12 month period within 24 months of your recertification application date (as opposed to recertification date)
4. Stop training or supervising anybody working towards an LoC.

The ten year rule

If it is 10 years or more since your qualification was awarded or last recertified, you will need to retake the full training programme for your qualification. This may be via the experienced practitioner route, if appropriate.

Ready to submit your forms ?  Here are quick links to the LoC IUT and LoC SDI forms.

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